The operating rate in Jiangsu is declining. The aromatic solvent oil is firm.


This week, it was reported that a number of production enterprises in Jiangsu have stopped working recently, and the supply of product resources has declined, or will continue to support the market environment of aromatic solvent oil.
Recently, international oil prices continue to operate at a high level, and the domestic oil market mentality is still supported by favorable conditions. This week, the domestic aromatic hydrocarbon solvent oil market trend is still relatively firm, and product prices continue to be high.
According to statistics, the operating rate of domestic aromatic solvent solvent oil enterprises in this week was 67.74%, down 9.68 percentage points from last week. Recently, there have been many environmental inspections in Jiangsu, and the supply of heavy aromatics in raw materials has been insufficient, resulting in the shutdown of many enterprises in Jiangsu this week.
At present, the domestic aromatic solvent solvent oil market has a good trading atmosphere. At present, the mainstream negotiation range of the domestic toluene market is 6500-6800 yuan/ton. At present, the price of the product has risen to a high level, which has caused some pressure on some downstream market demand. The terminal receives the goods cautiously, and the traders are mostly determined by sales, and there are few goods.
The raw material heavy aromatics is tightly priced, the remanufactured C9 ex-factory price is 5700-5850 yuan/ton, and the reforming C10 ex-factory price is 5000-5400 yuan/ton. Together with the freight and processing fees, the aromatic solvent oil production cost is high. It is an important support to support the recent price of manufacturers. The supply of raw materials was in a tight state, and many companies had to stop working due to insufficient supply of raw materials, causing certain losses.
On the whole, the current international oil price is high, the raw material volume is tight, and the supply of product resources is tight. The domestic aromatic solvent solvent market is firm, and the short-term product price may be high. However, with the gradual increase of temperature, some industries' demand may turn weak. In the summer, the domestic aromatic solvent solvent oil market still has certain downside risks, and the operation of the industry still needs to be cautious.