How to prepare industrial metal cleaners?


Industrial metal cleaning agent is a new type of cleaning agent that is widely spread now-hydrocarbon cleaning agent, which has good cleaning effect and lower toxicity than white oil and trichloroethylene and is favored by users. Neutral metal cleaning agent is mainly used. It is suitable for cleaning some live metals, such as: aluminum, magnesium, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminized sheet, etc. metals or alloys that are easily corroded by acid and alkali, such as aluminum alloy wax removal cleaning agent is a typical neutral metal cleaning agent.
  111The scale is completely dissolved, and the cleaning agent itself has a strong response to the scale, loosening or dissolving and eradication ability. Within a limited construction period, the scale can be completely removed, and it has a corresponding inhibitory effect on the possible corrosion of metals. Used in precision stamping hardware, machining, cars, home appliances, bearings, jewelry, clocks, electronics, electroplating and other industries, industrial cleaning agents are surface active agents and added cleaning aids (such as alkaline salts).
Neutral cleaning agent: Neutral metal cleaning agent is mainly composed of water, surfactant and some neutral auxiliaries, without deliberately adding acidic or alkaline substances, pH range: pH6-pH8 can be regarded as neutral Metal cleaning agent, if there are ultrasonic cleaning conditions, high temperature-resistant water-based metal cleaning agents can be selected. When cleaning by hand or inappropriate water washing, choose solvent-based cleaning agents. When using mechanical cleaning or pressure spraying, you should choose low-foam cleaning. agent.