Notice about organizing employee health checkups


All employees:
In order to care for Wuyang employees and ensure the healthy work and life of all employees, the company plans to organize employees to conduct physical examinations. On May 26th and June 2nd, there were 2 batches. At 6:30 on the same day, take the bus to the Jiangyin Aikang National Medical Center for inspection. The notices regarding the medical examination are hereby notified as follows:
1. The diet should be light three days before the medical examination; avoid drinking alcohol the day before the medical examination, and avoid eating after 8:00 in the evening.
2, the day before the physical examination should pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise and emotional excitement, to ensure adequate sleep, so as not to affect the results of physical examination.
3. Please bring your ID card on the day of the medical examination. In the morning, you should fast and ban the water. (People who take the medicine can take the medicine as usual).
4, do not make up, otherwise it will affect the doctor's judgment on the disease. The medical examiner should clean the oral cavity, nasal cavity and external auditory canal before the physical examination. It is easy to make some diseases miss the diagnosis.
5, women should avoid wearing dresses and pantyhose on the day of medical examination; women should not take urine specimens during the physiological period, and check after the physiological period.
The list of specific medical examination items and personnel is shown in the attached table. If adjustment is needed, please communicate and coordinate with the administrative department in time.
I hereby inform you that I hope to tell each other!
Jiangyin Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.
May 21, 2018