Selection of aluminum cleaning agent


With the development of economy, aluminum products are also more and more used in our daily life. In 2019, China's aluminum and aluminum products exported to 205 countries and regions in the world, with an export volume of 8.11 million tons, an increase of 0.15%. Among them, there are 5 destinations with export volume exceeding 300000 tons, namely Japan, the United States, Vietnam, South Korea and Mexico, and the export volume to these five countries is 2.415 million tons, accounting for 29.8% of the total export volume. In addition, China also imports some aluminum and aluminum products every year. In 2019, the import volume of aluminum and aluminum products is 20.86 million tons, and the import volume is US $5.79 billion. Among them, the main products are waste aluminum, with an import volume of 1.39 million tons, accounting for 67%, import amount of 1.92 billion US dollars, accounting for 33.2% of the total; aluminum foil of 1.05 billion US dollars, accounting for 18.2%; aluminum sheet belt of 89million US dollars, accounting for 15.4%; aluminum products of 1 billion US dollars, accounting for 17.3%.


According to the main application of aluminum, aluminum products can be divided into 8 categories: aluminum for building structure, aluminum for transportation, aluminum for power, aluminum for packaging containers, aluminum for mechanical manufacturing, aluminum for daily consumption, aluminum for electronic communication and other categories. Aluminum products bring convenience to our lives, but also bring some problems. In the past customer consultation, many customers asked "which cleaning agent is suitable for aluminum products". In the industrial production process, aluminum products must be coated with such dirt as rolling oil, rust proof oil and transportation process. Chemical cleaning is necessary for cleaning, and grease, pollutants and dirt are removed to obtain clean surface. Today, we will talk about aluminum production Cleaning of products.

How to clean the hardware by using aluminum or aluminum alloy is the first problem to determine what type of cleaner is needed. After many degreasers have been cleaned in the market, white spots often remain on the surface of aluminum parts, and they are not easy to remove. This surface problem is actually the result of "peeling corrosion" of aluminum. Flaking corrosion is a selective corrosion of shallow metal surface, which develops along the metal surface. Therefore, the proper cleaner requirements have no influence on the surface of the product, and it can not be oxidized or discolored. Considering that aluminum is easy to be oxidized in the process of storage, it is necessary to protect aluminum after cleaning. According to the characteristics of aluminum parts, we should use neutral aluminum cleaning agent. In order to explain that neutral cleaning agent is more suitable for aluminum products, after relevant experiments, we will first look at the use of acid and alkaline cleaning.

Effect of acid cleaning agent:

Nowadays, the use of acid for cleaning aluminum products is more common. The principle of cleaning is to use the chemical reaction between acid and aluminum to corrode the surface layer of the product. We can see that the surface of the cleaned aluminum parts is white gray, and the burr on the edge of the workpiece is dissolved. After cleaning, aluminum products are indeed cleaner in appearance, but for a long time, because the surface layer is completely removed, the maintenance time of "clean state" may be reduced relatively. Therefore, for pure aluminum products, although the use of acid cleaning agent can obtain more obvious results, the maintenance time is relatively short. This method is suitable for aluminum products with powder spraying or oxidation coloring

Effect of alkaline cleaning agent:

Besides, the experimental results of alkaline cleaning agent are discussed. When it comes to alkaline cleaning agent, there are two kinds of basic agents, one is strong alkaline and the other is weak alkaline. First, if the strong alkaline cleaning agent is used to clean directly, it is easy to appear yellow or blackened aluminum products. It is not very practical, so it has not been widely used in real life. And then the second, that is, the effect of the weak alkaline cleaning agent. In the industry, the application of weak alkali cleaning agent can be said to be relatively wide, and the product effect after cleaning with it can be said. Compared with acid cleaning agent, aluminum will not change color quickly after the weak alkali cleaning. However, there are some problems in the weak alkaline cleaning agent, such as the yellow and white spots easily in the long-term storage after cleaning, which is the sequelae that the weak alkali cleaning easily produces.

Effect of neutral cleaning agent:

Finally, say a neutral cleaner. Through the laboratory experiments, the neutral cleaner is relatively mild compared with the above. Because it will not change with the material of aluminum products, it is to clean by physical properties of the material, only remove the oil or dirt on the surface of aluminum products, and it also contains the anti-oxidation protection performance of aluminum elements. Therefore, it also avoids the surface oxidation problems in the later storage process.

In summary, do you have a clearer understanding of how to clean aluminum products? Welcome to call our technical engineers to discuss the problems and problems encountered in the application of industrial cleaning agent.