Congratulations on the successful signing ceremony of the joint production, research and research base of Jiangyin Wuyang Chemic




On March 12th, the opening ceremony of the “Institute of Research and Development of Jiangsu University-Jiangyin Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.” was held in our company. Mr. Kong Weili, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He welcomed the introduction of innovative technology and talents from Jiangsu University. Through talent training and technological innovation, he provided strong talent guarantee for the company, enhanced the company's core competitiveness, and enabled the company to continue to grow and develop.
At 9:58 am, Mr. Kong Weili, Chairman of Jiangyin Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Professor Xu Xiaojing from Jiangsu University jointly unveiled the production and research base of “Jiangsu University-Jiangyin Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.”.
Jiangyin Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. sold more than 20,000 tons of various solvents in 2014 with sales of 160 million. The company applied for 4 patents in 2014, and 2 utility patents have been approved. In 2015, the company will introduce and train all kinds of talents to create an efficient operation team. In 2015, it will achieve a sales target of 200 million yuan and a profit and tax of 10 million.